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Can U see us?


Grassroots Lobbying – Director of Legislation, Legal and Lobbying (LLL)
a. Provide resources and support for better lobbying efforts.
b. Develop grassroots leaders and activists within legal approaches.
c. Build coalition with supportive nonprofit organizations.

Hello Everybody I’m Peter 
Since 1990, ADA which is a law that disability have rights. But still not equal access for us Deaf people. You can look at NDFA, National Deaf Freedom Association’s website. Here’s the address . You can explore our site.
NDFA wants things to happen for Deaf community and supports your needs by lobbying to get full equal access. Purpose for lobbying is to get what we want by making law of our rights. Yes, many Deaf people do not like to get involved in politics. But remember it’s important to get involved to make things happen. It’s our/your responsibility to vote whichever support or disagree. 
If you are registered voter, you can join NDFA member for free, if not it is only a dollar to join. Reason we need more members so NDFA can get more sponsors from others to help grow and fight for our Deaf community. Thank you for joining NDFA. 

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