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NDFA Board Directors

Scott W. Walker
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Board of Director


Michael A. Gallagher

Board of Director




Sheri R. Bergman


Board of Director

Vicki Loren

Board of Director


Vicki Lowen - She is a board director of National Deaf Freedom Association, speaker, and consultant who has her finger on the pulse of what is happening in the rapidly-evolving cultural diversity age.


Vicki was born Deaf to a hearing family and raised in the Bronx; as she grew up, she communicated with diverse groups. Later on, her family moved to Westchester County not far from New York City and mingled with corporate executives, artists, musicians and professional. Culture has always been a huge part of life. She is a native user of ASL. She is proud graduate of Gallaudet University, With a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Her work experience including working in several different government agencies and private industry. One of the best experience in her IRS career was when she was selected for the Frontline Leader Readiness program and had an opportunity for a detail to the Human Capital Office. It is there where she made a significant impact to improve hiring practices and employment opportunities for people with disabilities; she served as Program Manager of the Schedule A Hiring Review Task Force.


She also served as President of IRS DEAF Empowerment and Advocacy Forum (non-profit employee support organization) that is to provide Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees with a voice in the IRS, and to encourage the inclusion of the cultural and linguistic principles of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in the workforce. IRS DEAF activities to support these goals include cultivating communication access to achieve a fully integrated workforce, encouraging mentoring and networking, and conducting training. She enjoys working the Internal Revenue Service to build strong and differentiated messaging that can be used for strategic storytelling and influencer engagement. She focuses on business initiatives, issues management and strategic communications.


Vicki has always been an active volunteer in her Deaf community. Also, she has participated in the National Association of the Deaf Employment Resource Center (NERC), dedicated to promoting improved employment of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. She has dedicated her time to organizations like National Association of the Deaf, IRS DEAF Empowerment and Advocacy Forum, and other organizations.




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